Gift Circle

Core Concept

What is a gift circle?
A gift circle is a collection of people who celebrate and exchange gifts on special occasions.

What is Gift Circle?
Gift Circle is the easy way to organise gifts. It's where friends and family get together to swap wish lists so it's easy to choose and buy each other perfect gifts. Never be stuck for a gift idea and no more wrong gifts or same gifts. Manage all your gift shopping. Keep a track of what you're buying for who and how much you're spending.

Does it cost me anything to use?
No. Gift Circle is free to use.

Does it cost more to buy a gift through Gift Circle?
No. You only pay the retailers normal price.

When do I use it?
Add to your list whenever you have a new gift idea or find something online you fancy. Check friends and families lists whenever there's an upcoming occasion.


Gift Shopping

How do I view someone’s gift list?
To view a gift list you need to be friends with the gift list creator. Then just click on the user in your 'Friends' page (you need to be logged in) and you will be shown their most recent gift lists. Click the relevant gift list and start browsing for a gift.

How do share my list with friends and family?
Once you have created a list you will be given the opportunity to invite your friends to view it. All you need to do is add their e-mail address and they will get a link to your gift list.

I’ve got Wish lists on other sites such as Amazon. Can I import these into GiftCircle?
Not at the moment but we’re looking into it!

What happens when I reserve an item on someone’s gift list?
Once you’ve reserved an item on someone’s gift list that item is no longer available for other members of the list to reserve. You can reserve as many gifts as you like but make sure that you remove them if you don’t end up buying them.

What happens when lists are edited?
If you mess with your list after a friend has reserved or bought something, we drop them an email to let them know. Equally, if something you're getting is edited, we send you an email, even if you're unsubscribed. No nasty surprises on the big day.

Can I edit the details of a list such as its name and expiry date
Yep! Just head to a list then click "Edit List Details".

I made a big mistake; I want to delete a list completely
Head to a list, click "Edit List Details" and then "Delete this list". Make sure you're sure though!



How can I add/Invite someone to see my list?
Choose the gift list you want that friend to be able to view and click the add friends button. If you have not yet created a list, get started here (you need to be logged in).

I’ve invited someone to my list but I can’t see their lists.
In order to be able to see a friends list they have to invite you to the list.

I invited someone to my list but they didn’t get the invite.
We do all we can to see that emails get to the intended recipient but it is not always possible. Check the details you entered were correct and make sure you have the recipients current e-mail address.

Circle? Friends? How can I manage my acquaintances?
Here at Gift Circle you have a list of confirmed "Friends", as in, anyone who is willing to buy a gift for you or have a gift bought for them by you. You can check them out by going to Friends. However, to help categorise people and to refine your gift lists (Let's face it, nobody wants Jim from the Office seeing what you want from your Wife on your anniversary) you can invite specific people to specific lists. So you can be as public or as private with each list as suits the event.

What does the friend request e-mail say?
Hi "Their Name" ,

"Your Name" wants to know what you'd like for Christmas.

Gift Circle is the great new place where friends and family get together to swap gift lists and find out what to buy each other to celebrate special occasions. Join up now and create a list of gifts you'd like - it could make a special occasion great!

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Shopping List

If I reserve or click the’ item bought’ button, will the user be notified?
Reserving items is done behind the scenes so that a user can't see who's buying what; just like a wedding register, no more double present embarrassments. Likewise the bought item button is there to help you organize your shopping list and the recipient will not be notified.

Once I've chosen the gift where do I buy it?
Gift Circle is more of a shopping assistant than a shop. We don't sell items directly but we do know where’s best to buy. We use the information supplied by the gift list creator to help you find the perfect gift. Once you've found a gift that you want to get, click the browse button to get our suggested retailers.

I still like going to the shops at Christmas can I still use giftcircle without doing all my shopping online?
Of course! The shopping list is designed to be printer friendly, reserve your presents using Gift Circle and print out your Shopping Basket to make your trip to town stress free!

When is the last date I can shop online?



Something’s not working, what do I do?
If something isn't working how you would expect it to work please get in contact with us at and we will set it right as quickly as possible.

I want to advertise / be affiliated with you!
Great, contact us at

How do I manage my profile?
Simple! Click your own name at the top right of any page, then hit Edit My Profile.

Can I stop Gift Circle from E-mailing me?
Yes! Just navigate to the list through the dashboard and hit Unsubscribe. Alternatively, if you buy something from the list we'll assume you don't want any more emails from that list unless it's directly related to what you've bought for someone.

Equally, if you are extremely interested in a list and other gifts on it, you can always re-subscribe to the emails from a list by returning to it after you've bought something and hitting that button.

What’s this bookmarklet or browser button business about?
Good question!

When you go to add gifts to your list, you can optionally decide to add a button to your bookmarks toolbar in your browser by clicking "Get the Browser Button". This streamlines the gift adding process by letting you click the button when you're on any other site and automatically add what you're looking at to one of your lists. Using this method you can still browse your favorite online stores in your usual way while creating your lists. It's the efficient, smooth way of using Gift Circle and we think it's pretty awesome. Check it out here (you need to be logged in).

I don’t see any bookmark toolbar to add the button to help!
Not to worry. Different browsers handle this in different ways, so here's a handy guide to the most popular browsers and how to make them show the Bookmarks (or Favorites) Toolbar.

  • Firefox: Right click on an open area of the Firefox menu near the top of your screen, then check Bookmarks Toolbar . Alternatively, Press Alt, then V, then T, then B.
  • Chrome: Click on the wrench icon in the top right, go to Bookmarks , then check Show Bookmarks Bar . Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + B (Windows) or Command + B (Mac) at the same time.
  • Safari: Click on the gear icon in the top right, and tick Show Bookmarks Toolbar . Alternatively, Press Command + B (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + B (Windows) at the same time.
  • IE9: Right click on an open area of the Internet Explorer menu near the top of your screen, then check Favourites Bar . Alternatively, Press Alt, click View, then Toolbars. Now click Favorites bar
  • IE7 or IE8: Click Tools, then Toolbars. Now click Favourites Bar.

Please make sure you;

Check you have everyone you need to have in your circle.

Double check the details you have entered – especially the email address.

Make sure you have got a list back from everyone or why not. If you don’t hear from them please email direct or call them.

Make sure you are satisfied with a retailers delivery and returns policy before you buy.

Check the website has contact details including address and phone.

Check company details are available.